1. Jiri Prochazka's title potential

There’s no doubt Jiri Prochazka deserves to the be the new UFC light heavyweight champion.

He went through hell against Glover Teixeira and somehow found a way to win by securing a rear-naked choke with just 28 seconds left in Round 5.

The fears I just expressed about Prochazka’s reign just came to life for Glover Teixeira, and it cost him his title. This result is going to be nightmare fuel for the Brazilian.

2. Fight IQ costs Glover Teixeira

Teixeira (33-8 MMA, 16-6 UFC) entered Round 5 of his epic clash with Prochazka ahead on two of three judges’ scorecards,

Valentina Shevchenko seems a whole lot more certain than the rest of the world that she clearly beat Taila Santos. And her case is pretty legit, honestly.

3. Did Valentina Shevchenko lose to Taila Santos?

There’s no doubt that Santos (19-2 MMA, 4-2 UFC) presented Shevchenko (23-3 MMA, 12-2 UFC) with a challenge she’d yet to see as UFC women’s flyweight champion.

Joanna Jedrzejczyk hasn’t been very active these past few years anyway, but knowing that she won’t be back after retiring from MMA following her brutal spinning backfist knockout loss to Zhang Weili is pretty sad.

4. Farewell to Joanna Champion

Jedrzejczyk (16-5 MMA, 10-5 UFC) seemed very sincere, and the fact she’s almost 35 years old with almost 20 of those years consisting of being a muay-Thai or MMA fighter makes it seem like we’ve seen the last of her inside the octagon.

It’s always cool when a fighter makes a bold prediction then proceeds to live up to it perfectly. That’s what Jack Della Maddalena did prior to putting away Ramazan Emeev.

5. Jack Della Maddalena deliver

Della Maddalena (12-2 MMA, 2-0 UFC) told me on the Wednesday of fight week that he was going to shine in this performance and do what no other person in the UFC has been able to thus far