Just when you thought you’d heard it all out of Aaron Rodgers’ personal life, along comes the news that he reportedly has a new girlfriend named Blu of Earth who seems to be really in tune with nature and medicine.

A tipster tells Awesemo Side Action that Blu of Earth changed her birth name Charlotte Brereton to her new ultra-hip Instagram name and that Ms. Earth self-describes herself as a “witch” and “claims she’s a medicine woman.”

Just last year, Rodgers claimed he was getting married and was ready to have kids with actress Shailene Woodley.

Those two completely ended things earlier this year after barely spending time together through the 2021 NFL season.

Now, if the reports are true, Rodgers is back to the dating game with a woman whose Linkedin page reads that she has worked on events like the MTV Movie Awards,

the Academy Awards and Grammys after graduating from Florida Southern College in 2013.

That is at least what it feels like watching the progression of his life over the past few years. The guy is already somewhat of a recluse.

Aaron Rodgers is going to vanish into the wilderness after football.

He does the usual charity work, but it feels like he’s getting more and more into the nature-loving scene when it comes to personal preferences.

Here is hoping Blu of Earth casts a spell on him that might diminish his effectiveness on Sundays so he’ll retire faster.

That or slip him some psychedelics so he’ll think Bears defenders look like Packers receivers. Every man is entitled to his preferences regarding love, but Aaron Rodgers makes it so easy to laugh sometimes.