Apple today hosted its annual Apple Design Awards, celebrating 12 best-in-class apps and games.

This year’s winners include developers from around the world who were selected for delivering innovative, creative, and beautifully designed experiences through apps that inspired users with vision, purpose, and brilliance. 

For the second year, six different categories recognize one app and game each for inclusivity, delight and fun, interaction, social impact, visuals and graphics, and innovation.

The winners were chosen from 36 finalists, all of which have demonstrated outstanding technical achievement.

App: Procreate Developer: Savage Interactive (Australia)

Procreate, a world-class tool for artists and designers, brings people more creative power than ever through its iPad app.

Game: Wylde Flowers Developer: Studio Drydock (Australia)

An Apple Arcade original, Wylde Flowers brings a refreshingly diverse storyline and cast of LGBTQIA+ representative characters to players with a witchy twist.

App: (Not Boring) Habits Developer: Andy Works LLC (United States)

As its (grammatically inventive) name suggests, (Not Boring) Habits adds a little flair to the mild-mannered habit tracker.

Game: Overboard! Developer: inkle (United Kingdom)

Overboard! is a whodunit with a twist: You done it. In this delightfully sly murder mystery game, players take on not the role of the detective but the guilty party who, through quick-witted conversations with unsuspecting crewmates,

App: Slopes Developer: Breakpoint Studio (United States)

Slopes, a seamless ski-tracking app experience, provides users with an intuitive skiing and snowboarding diary, employing the GPS on iPhone or Apple Watch to track distance and speed.

Game: A Musical Story Developer: Glee-Cheese Studio (France)

A harmonious mix of song, story, and artistic creation, A Musical Story remixes the idea of what a mobile game can be.