The Pokémon Company released a new trailer and new information for the next set of mainline Pokémon games, Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet, on Wednesday.

In addition to announcing the two new legendaries of the region, the company also showed new info and revealed art for a handful of next generation of Pokémon.

The two new legendary Pokémon are called Koraidon and Miraidon. They have serpentine designs, with Koraidon sporting a red color scheme and Miraidon primarily in purple. Here is Koraidon.

The trailer also showed some non-legendary monsters you can expect to find in the new region: Pawmi, Lechonk, and Smoliv.


In addition to the electric sacs in its cheeks, Pawmi has electricity-discharging organs on its forepaws.

It generates electricity by rubbing its cheeks, then it shocks its opponents by touching them with the pads on its forepaws.

The fur that covers its body is good insulation against the cold and serves the purpose of storing electricity.

When it feels uneasy, this cautious Pokémon will begin rubbing its cheeks, preparing itself to discharge an electric shock.

Lechonk uses its sense of smell to find and eat only the most fragrant wild grasses and the richest Berries.


If attacked by an opponent and startled, it will charge forward in a panic. It may appear fat at first glance, but in reality, the Pokémon’s body is mostly muscle built by constantly walking around in search of food