The brand has become well known for pulling out all the stops to create eye-catching bags for its ambassadors to use And the one they've made for this week's US Open is no different. In fact, it might just be their finest creation to date.

With the championship returning to the Boston area for the first time since 1988, TaylorMade has fashioned a bag that celebrates the area's rich ties to American history, drawing heavily from the Boston Tea Party that helped inspire the Revolutionary War.

The tea-stained finished of the bag is designed to represent the 300 crates of British tea that were dumped into the Boston Harbour in 1773.

Embroidered onto the bag's upper is "April 7, 1885", which links back to the night that American patriot Paul Revere left Boston on horseback with the message: “The redcoats are coming!”

The bag's valuable pouch contains a nod to the lanterns he used to signal to his fellow Americans. The ball pouch, meantime, was inspired by worn by American patriots during the subsequent Revolutionary War.

The embroidered '246' on the upper pocket is a subtle nod to the 1913 US Open champion Francis Ouimet, who lived on the 17th hole at 246 Clyde Street. The house remains there to this day.

Further 'easter eggs' can be found on the bottom of the bag. A hard-wearing medallion and bricks surrounding the base pay homage to the so-called 'Freedom Trail', which comprises 16 historical locations dotted throughout Boston.

A frosted beer glass, meantime, is a reference to the region's long and proud brewing culture.

The bag will be put to use this week by the likes of Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Collin Morikawa and others.