After a couple of years of waiting, season 3 of Amazon Prime’s The Boys is about to debut! What time does it come out and what can fans expect?

Amazon Prime’s The Boys was a hit from the very first episode. At first, fans ate up the violent nature and raunchy behavior of the so-called heroes.

As great as that is, it’s not enough to sustain a show for more than a few episodes.

The Boys became a must-watch show with phenomenal acting and a storyline to match. It’s what kept viewers coming back and new viewers popping up all the time.

The show may move away from the comic book source material, but it’s done in a flawless way. Some of the moments seen in Garth Ennis’ comic book may not have worked well in a TV show.

There will be more of that in season 3. Especially with Herogasm coming up too. There’s no telling what’s going to happen.

It will be tamer than the comic book, but it’s still going to be something that viewers won’t forget.

Fans of The Boys can expect the season premiere to set the stage for what’s to come in season 3. Homelander will show that he’s unstable.

The rest of The Seven are going to be doing their own things. They’ve all seen that they don’t need Homelander to be famous and Vought International will embrace it since it makes them money.

Billy Butcher is going to resemble his comic book counterpart. He’ll be more calculated than he has been in the previous two seasons.