Who was Billy Kametz?

Born on March 22, 1987, Billy Kametz was an American voice actor. Some of his most iconic roles included Josuke Higashikata in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Naofumi Iwatani in The Rising of the Shield Heros, and Galo Thymos in Promare.

Kametz also voiced various characters in Pokémon and Attack on Titan. Before his career in the entertainment industry, Kametz worked for the Disney cruise line.

His big break came after he moved to California and was offered the role of Aladdin in Disneyland's Musical Spectacular, according to his GoFundMe page.

What was Billy Kametz's cause of death?

"This isn't the update I wanted to write. Billy left us earlier this week. I ask that you forgive the slightly delayed update as we worked to notify loved ones first," the update began.

"I am going to close this GFM formally on Tuesday, June 14, to allow for final thoughts and donations.

His death comes just months after he told fans that he had been diagnosed with colon cancer and was moving forward with chemotherapy treatments.

Shortly after the update was published, his longtime girlfriend, Erica Lindbeck, posted her own tribute on Instagram, writing: "I will be in love with you for the rest of my life."

Kametz is survived by his parents, sister Nikki Kametz-Lees, brother-in-law Greg, nephews Cash and Jaxon, Uncle Peter Sartori, Uncle Tom Kametz, Aunt Barbara Trimble, and girlfriend Erica.

As the news started to spread, several fans took to Twitter to offer their condolences to Kametz's family and friends.

What have people said about Billy's death?

"I'm wishing the best for his family and friends, genuinely. He was an utter legend and one of the greatest VA's of all time."

"Billy Kametz brought to life so many incredible roles to life but him bringing such heart and soul to Maruki is honestly part of why I'm still alive today," another added.

"Rest in peace to Billy Kametz. To his family, friends, and everyone who knew him personally, I am so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine your grief, but we grieve with you," a third said.