The All-State Arean in Chicago, Illinois was sold out with WWE fans. The match card had several exciting matches which included SmackDown superstars Madcap Moss and Happy Corbin in a No Holds Barred match.

Both superstars fought hard in an intense battle where all weapons were allowed to use on the opponent.

During the match, Happy Corbin tried to use weapons to his advantage to assault his ex-employee, Madcap Moss. However, Corbin’s plan backfired on him. Instead, Madcap Moss assaulted the former United States Champion in a brutal beat down.

Madcap Moss used steel steps and steel chairs to assault Corbin. On the other hand, he took his revenge on Corbin by damaging his neck in the same way as Happy Corbin did to him.

The match resulted in a victory for Madcap Moss. Unfortunately, Corbin was stretched out from the ring with a broken neck.

Later, WWE admitted him to a local hospital, which later released him with a neck contusion. WWE issued an official statement on Happy Corbin’s medical condition which said,

Following the incredible beatdown he received at the hands of Madcap Moss in a brutal No Holds Barred Match during the WWE Hell in a Cell Premium Live Event, Happy Corbin was evaluated at a local medical facility on Sunday night and was released with a minor neck contusion.” 

The rivalry between Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss commenced after WrestleMania 38, when Corbin lost to Drew McIntyre. However, Corbin blamed Madcap Moss for his loss at WrestleMania 38. Later, both men got engaged in a heated rivalry.

Further, Corbin’s frustration led to a brutal attack on Madcap Moss which scheduled another match at Hell in a Cell. Unfortunately, this match ended up in an upset for Happy Corbin with another loss.